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1) Keep things professional
2) Repeated attempts to post irrelevant material to the forum will get you banned and keep you that way
3) Don't post personal contact information on any of your posts, like posting your phone number or e-mail address openly on all posts. That's a quick way to get SPAM. You won't get banned but you may regret it.
4) Do not advertise your products on the site. There is no advertising forum here and unrelated messages will be deleted and you will be banned.
5) Be respectful of others and be nice to noobies
6) If two people get into a fight, just like back in school, you'll both get suspended for 1 week.
7) No naughty pictures or language
8) You will be censored if your posts are deemed detrimental to the forum by any of the administrators
9) Use common sense, and have fun and enjoy the site. We're glad you're here.

<b> About Us </b>

The forum is moderated by 8 Lawson users (Clients) and 6 Lawson consultants, none of whom work for Lawson Software or are in any way associated with them. We're always looking for more people to help us run the forum. If you're interested let us know please.

There is a small fee associated with keeping IPB/Google ads out of the forum and that is directly related to the number of users that come to the site. So far its pennies a day. If you'd like to contribute you can send us an e-mail to lawsontalk@gmail.com .

Who is user lawson? Its one of the 14 people mentioned above. We all log in using user lawson to avoid confusion.

<b>Privacy Policy</b>
Bottom line is, we don't share your information with anyone, but all the forum administrators have access to all your posts and your email addresses. But you knew that already.

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